Arngrim, Lord of Norika

The cunning Lord of Norika


high level Fighter


Arngrim is the current Lord of Norika, and was elected about 5 years ago by the people of Norika, as is that city’s custom.

Arngrim was born to a respectable if largely unimportant family around 27 years ago. His father was a captain of a longship in the Norikan navy, and a capable, respected warrior. His mother came from a slightly well-off but largely unknown family of independent farmers from the rural areas of the island outside the city walls.

At the age of 16, Arngrim became a warrior in the city’s military, working his way up through the ranks and eventually becoming a Huskarl. After Lord Ovarr stepped down on his 70th birthday 5 years ago, Arngrim stood for election, along with several other candidates. Arngrim won in a very close election, but has proven to be a cunning and skilled leader ever since.

Arngrim is widely respected as a very cunning and wise leader, but many of the other Midgan city-states’ leaders distrust Arngrim, given his aggressive tendencies and noticeable ambition.

Arngrim, Lord of Norika

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