Angantyr, Duke of Reignenburg

The feared Duke of Reignenburg


Angantyr was born into the hereditary ruling family of Reignenburg. He was trained since adolescence to be a fierce warrior and skilled battlefield leader. He is the reigning Duke of Reignenburg, inheriting his position after his father died in battle against Auren forces.

Angantyr was born a little over 40 years ago in Reignenburg to the ruling ducal family. He spent most of his teenage years learning the art of war and statecraft from his father, and by the age of 18 had already distinguished himself in Reignenburg’s elite Wolf-slayer Huskarls unit. By 22 he was the leader of the Wolf-slayers, and by 24 he was considered one of the most brutal and effective war captains in all of Midga.

When Angantyr was 27, his father was killed in battle against a vanguard force of Auren troops near the occupied city of Alleuheim. Angantyr has ruled as the Duke of Reignenburg ever since.

While the Duke of Reignenburg has always been considered one of the most authoritative of all the Midgan leaders, Angantyr has taken this stereotype to new levels. Given the high tensions between the rival Midgan cities, as well as the foreign interfering powers of Versa and Auren, Angantyr has kept his city’s troops on a high state of alert, which is straining the city’s finances to the brink, putting increased strain on the commoners.

Angantyr is married to Geirahod, the daughter of one of Reignenburg’s leading families, and has 2 daughters and 1 son by her.

Angantyr, Duke of Reignenburg

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