King Valois IV of Versa

The ambitious King of Versa


High-level aristocrat, maybe a few levels in Fighter


Born Merovech Mevel a little over 30 years ago, and became King Valois IV upon his ascension to the Versan throne 5 years ago. Merovech/Valois was born as the illegitimate son of King Valois III of the reigning Vingian family, and the courtesan Louisa Mevel.

He received a solid education and a royal allowance throughout his youth, and in his late teenage years he became embroiled in the intrigues and assassination plots that were rife amongst the king’s offspring, both legitimate and illegitimate. After surviving various plots against him and successfully “dealing with” his main rivals, Merovech the bastard son of royalty became King of Versa himself.

Valois IV shows all the trademark ambition and aggression of a Versan monarch. His aggressive foreign policy has embroiled his nation in a new war with Auren, and relations with Caeldain and the Midgan city-states are deteriorating. However, unlike in Auren or Caeldain, the King of Versa has a wide-range of power over his nobles, meaning Valois IV rules his country with almost zero domestic opposition.

Valois IV is currently betrothed to wed Marquess Anna de Arcalis, but he has maintained numerous dalliances and mistresses throughout his reign.

King Valois IV of Versa

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