Emperor Leon von Hohenzaren

The Emperor of the Auren Empire


high-level Aristocrat, possibly some levels in Wizard


Leon von Hohenzaren was born shortly after the failed Ragnarok event 300 years ago. He is the current ruler of the vast Auren Empire, and considered a very crafty, pragmatic, and calculating ruler.

Emperor Leon was born into the imperial Hohenzaren family, and has been raised since birth to be a true master of the political realm. He received the finest education, and was schooled not only in statecraft, but in theology, literature, mathematics, engineering, and alchemy as well. He ascended to the throne 50 years ago after co-ruling as Prince Regent with his father for a decade.

Emperor Leon is a political conservative, and seeks to maintain the international balance of power, which he believes Auren’s rival Versa is constantly trying to alter. His nation’s interference in Midga can be attributed to Leon’s belief in countering Versa, move-for-move. Versa expanded into Midga, so Auren has likewise done so to match their rival.

While the Emperor has wide-ranging power and great authority, Leon must be careful to avoid upsetting or angering the Count Electors, the leading nobles of Auren who contribute troops, taxes, and political support to the imperial government.

Leon von Hohenzaren is married to Maria Welker, a Countess in her own right before becoming Empress. He has 3 sons and 1 daughter by her.

Emperor Leon von Hohenzaren

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