The basic premise of the game setting is the combination of ancient Norse mythology and culture with the political machinations and turmoil of late Medieval and early Renaissance Italy, when numerous rival city-states had to contend with each other and outside powers seeking to gain supremacy in the region.

The game pantheon is comprised of the Aesir, the Norn, the originating giant Ymir, and the great dragon Nidhogg.

The game is set up to allow for multiple avenues of play. The group could be a high-talent mercenary squad from Caeldain, a group of young warriors from one of the city-states looking to make a name for themselves, clerics of Loki looking to stir up strife and mischief, or simply a rag-tag group of freelancers just looking to make it from day-to-day. The campaign is set up to focus on the region of Midga, but a DM with some imagination and time could easily flesh out the other 3 nations and expand the game world’s focus to be worldwide.

The game zones are as follows:

Midga: a region in the north; 12 city-states have risen to power and battle each other and outside nations for authority; based off of ancient Norse culture and late Medieval Italian politics

Versa: a region lying south and west of Midga; an aggressive, expansionist kingdom; based off of late Medieval and early Renaissance France, with a slightly greater militaristic bent

Auren: a region lying south and east of Midga; an Elven-dominated empire and rival of Versa; based off of the Hapsburg monarchy of the late Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire

Caeldain: a region lying far south of Midga; a kingdom that maintains a precarious position of being the 3rd, and least of the world powers; based off of Celtic/Scottish myth and culture, with some elements of Arthurian lore mixed in


Each player has 3 points to spend. They may spend these points in any increment or manner they wish, provided they: 1) have spent 3 net points at the end of buying, and 2) have not spent more than 7 points total/gross.


Masterwork weapon: 1 point

Magic weapon: 2 points

Greater magic weapon: 3 points

Noble Lineage:

Minor nobility: 1 point

Established nobility: 2 points

High nobility: 3 points

Familial and/or Personal Wealth:

Wealthy: 1 point

Very wealthy: 2 points

Extravagantly wealthy: 3 points

Non-Weapon Magic Item:

Minor item: 1 point

Good item: 2 points

Legendary item: 3 points

Connections in/with either 1) business/trade, 2) political circles, or 3) information dealers:

Somewhat connected: 1 point

Connected: 2 points

Very connected: 3 points

Personal Fame

Locally known: 1 point

Regionally famous: 2 points

Renowned throughout Midga: 3 points

Assorted Traits:

Beloved of the Nord—character receives a +1 to all rolls except Crit Failures and damage rolls (3 points)

Noble Patron—the character has a noble patron or some form of favor and extended protection granted due to his retainer status; such a character can get away with small indiscretions or minor illegal activities when not in his homeland (2 points)

Valkyrie Blood—character can trace his lineage to a Valkyrie within the past 4 generations, which allows he/she to use Valkyrie-only items and weapons (1 point)

Respected—a character has an upstanding and honorable reputation, granting he/she a certain level of respect by most NPC’s (1 point)

Honored Name—a character, through virtue of either lineage or deeds, has a very well-known and respected name, granting he/she a level of respect by almost all NPC’s, including notable leaders and nobles (2 points)

Seidr Magic Secrecy—a character is able to successfully conceal the fact they use seidr magic from others (2 points)

Lost a limb—a character has a lost a limb in the past; -2 to Dex, can’t use chosen lost limb (character is refunded 2 points for use)

Disreputable—a character has a slightly shady reputation, meaning a good number of NPC’s will distrust you (player refunded 1 point for use)

Dishonorable Name—a character, through virtue of birth or deed, has a very despised name, making him somewhat of a social pariah and very mistrusted (player refunded 2 points for use)

Blood Feud—a character, or his/her family, is involved in a running feud with another family or group due to a past event; when encountering NPC’s associated with the enemy group, they will act with open hostility and might even attack the player (player refunded 1 point for use)

Outlaw—a character, due to his/her birth or deeds, has been exiled from his homeland, and cannot return there on pain of death (player refunded 2 points for use)

Foe of the Aesir—a character, due to some past transgression or deed, has become a foe of the Aesir, and they oppose his path through the world; clerics and paladins of the Aesir will likely not help such a player, and some of the more fanatical ones will go so far as to attack you; -1 to all rolls except Crit Failures, Crit Successes, and damage rolls (player refunded 4 points for use)

EXTRA LEVEL—a character may start out with an extra level higher than that of the rest of the group; he will level at a normal pace thereafter (3 points)